Sunday, September 3, 2017

CBR TV: "Rick and Morty's" Roiland & Harmon Talk Time Travel, Evil Morty - Overlapping possibilities in "A Rickle in Time"

Don't watch this if you haven't watched S2E1 ("A Rickle in Time"). This is basically for the sake of studying, and it can NOT replace the experience of watching the entire episode. Minimum commentary to be included. I also intend on including closed captioning for it soon. This took a hell of a lot more work than might be readily apparent. Anyway, hopefully this helps expand other people's understanding of the episode a bit. So the tricky part to making this is that the scenes actually are not all centered perfectly, so any time the "camera" shifts, I had to realign the realities. In the interest of presenting new data, I opted to focus on 1 reality, rather than try to merge 64 different freakin realities. As you can see, even when I was just managing 4 realities, it was really faint to see the characters, so there wouldn't have been much information to gain, especially considering that the resolution is approximately halfed (so to speak) during every split. That is to say that the scene where Rick was beating up the time monster wasn't possible. Sorry Morty, it's a bummer. But in reality, that scene was as dumb as they come.


Rick and morty - Pickle Rick s3 ep3. 9/11 was an inside job: