Thursday, September 8, 2016

More Time Travelers Against Trump Evidence?

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Awhile back I posited a crazy theory that there is an evil group of time travelers trying to derail the presidency plans of Donald Trump. I came across this book from 1987 and immediately wondered if this could be more evidence? Mad Magazine peers through the looking glass at TODAY... indeed, that's strange. Seeing as how the politician on the TV looks quite a bit like the Donald, even sporting that open mouth position that we so often see from him in still shots due to his speaking so much. Just as in the Illuminati card game I might add, see post linked above.  

Also, the first thing the character is pictured as saying about not like liking certain ethnic groups has been a major distortion used against Trump because he does not support illegal immigration and other policies which leave the country vulnerable to crime and terrorism.

The overall theme of being honest about the dirty workings of government is also something very Trump-like. Take for instance his admitting to giving money to politicians like Hillary Clinton in case he ever needed a favor. Aside from perhaps a stab at how closely Trump works with family, the rest seems to be projections of Clinton's issues on to the cartoon Trump, if you believe my crazy theory that is!


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